I have a confession. I don't like alphabet crafts. BUT Lakin has been seeming a little off lately, especially in the mornings while the others are doing their book work. And I will admit I have been seriously lacking in the preschool department. So....

P is for Penguin

D is for Dinosaur

B is for Butterfly

I think he will keep me accountable. He woke up every morning last week wanting to know what he was going to do that day.

Cale, Cohen and I made fingerprint critters....these are Cohen's. A cat, a butterfly, a couple little monsters....

Annika sat with Cale this day, she never took her eyes off of him. For over 15 min he sat there talking to her and making faces and noises at her.

And this one is just because I love her eyes.

I realized I had yet to take any of all of them together.

Rylan was being a little bit uncooperative. He wouldn't squish in with the group. We did interrupt him though- he's about 1/2 way through book 7 in the Guardian's of Ga'Hoole series. Cale's starting book 4. I am SO happy about this- the first time either of them have found something they will read outside of their 30 min a day required reading. I think it helps that their dad is reading the series along with them. Now I have about 7 more books to find an equally captivating series for them to read.


  1. Love the alphabet stuff. Super cute. I wish we would have done more stuff like that when mine were younger. :)

    And that beautiful girl of many times do you hear that she looks like an old soul? She just screams wisdom. Those eyes, I tell ya....

  2. Have they tried the Warriors series? It's very similar and I know that a lot of boys who like Guardians like Warriors.

  3. Greggor the Overlander is a great book that they could really get into. It is about a little boy who falls under NY City and finds a huge city underground. I read them with Alex a couple years ago and we both really enjoyed them. :)