The Bremen Town Musicians

Today was our production of an adaptation of The Bremen Town Musicians...

The scene is set
The Dog, the Donkey, the Cat and the Rooster (and their horse) are enjoying life on the barnyard. Until one day....

They over hear the farmer and his wife talking.

And fearing for their lives, they decide to go to Bremen Town and become famous musicians.

When they stop to rest they spot a house and decide to sing to the occupants to earn some supper.

Little did the animals know, the house was inhabited by cruel robbers.

The robbers are frightened by the animals' singing, and when they run the animals decide to eat some dinner and rest while waiting for them to return.

The robbers return to find out who has stolen their hideout.

And slowly, one creeps toward the house to see.

But in the dark he steps on the cat's tail and is attacked by all the animals, who don't know what is going on.

The robbers flee, leaving the house- and all the stolen food and money- with the animals. They decide to stay and live out the rest of their lives right there.

The End.

The kids did such a good job! The spoke loud and clear and remembered their lines. And my Rylan, who was so nervous and refused to even say one word during our first read-through months ago, said his lines loudly and looked right at the audience too!


  1. Thanks for posting all the great pics...will you email me some of these?

  2. Lol ~ looks like the play was a wonderful success! I always love a happy ending. :)

  3. This is adorable!! visiting from the HHH!