How My Garden Grows: July 18, 2011

That's the view as I walk out of the back gate towards the garden. Butternut squashes on the ground, my 5 ft tomatoes behind them, the tips of corn in the back and okra on the side. There's more, but that's the bulk of it. Eggplants and peppers are hidden behind the towering plants, along with a separate bed of more tomatoes. My cucumbers are all gone except for the lemon ones, as are the squashes. But the farmer's co-op was getting rid of their old plants and Paul brought a bunch of [free] ones home. Lots more peppers, white eggplant and watermelon. So the holes are now filled.

Baby butternut squashes....

and my herbs- including 3 sweet basil and 2 cinnamon basil

Tonight's pickings. The larger basket was all tomatoes, the smaller was some tomatoes, peppers, lemon cucumbers and okra.

To heavy for some of the boys to carry

And the view of my table where the tomatoes are taking over.

Ready to be made into sauce...

I am currently averaging about 3 qts a night

And not so much how my garden grows, but how the chickens grow...Our babies are about 10 wks old now and we finally let them out in the yard with the big chickens and dogs tonight. They enjoyed the freedom and grass and didn't get picked on too much by the older birds.

These are the boys' top hat breeds.

They are pretty funny looking. You can't even see their eyes half the time.

Lakin's has a crossed beak, but it doesn't seem to be bothers by it so far.


  1. Hi Sadie,
    I wanted to drop in and say HELLO!
    I am so sorry I haven't visited in awhile. It has been really crazy here lately. (BUSY). I absolutely love your garden you amaze me. Your chickens are so cool. I love them they are so different but, so cute looking if that's possible.LOL and school you amaze it, looks great as always you always have wonderful looking plans. The kids look happy and healthy as always and baby girl is getting so big. :) I look forward to your school year and watching it unfold with baby in tow. We plan on fostering children 4 and under 1 at a time (meaning unless theres siblings under 4 there will only be one child per 3-12 months). I am looking forward to that journey. :)

    Have A Great Week!

  2. Your garden is amazing! How do you get things to grow!!?! I desperately need some tips.

  3. It's beautiful Sarah! I love all the tomatoes! So far we don't have anything but flowers cuz we don't have anything but rain... but we are hoping that soon we will get our first tomatoes from our 14+ tomato plants. ;)



  4. Isn't that funny... our white sultan rooster also has a crooked beak, weird! Your garden looks fabulous, delightful abundance! :)

  5. Do you have a recipe to share for making the tomato sauce and how to freeze and use it later? I'm slowly learning how and what to cook for the freezer. Thanks, Ellen

  6. Oh, these tomatoes are absolutely amazing.... please share some secrets! And yes please - share the recipe for the sauce :)

    I love the chicken, btw.... they are stunners!

  7. What a wonderful amount of tomatoes. I absolutely adore them in the summer. I used to eat them right off the vine when I was little. Also those are some great chickens! :)

  8. Beautiful basket of tomatoes! We are anxiously watching our first red tomato get ripe enough to pick.

  9. I have a question. My garden is not big enough (this year, hoping to increase its size next year)to can anything from it. Do you find canning 3 qts a night tedious or much easier than canning 8 quarts at a time?

    Elisabeth @ Treasuring the

  10. Your garden is awesome!! I love your harvest. It's so pretty. Your chickens are so adorable.

  11. Look at those tomatoes!!!So perfect and mouth watering! Lol. I love to have some for my salad. I can't wait to harvest tomatoes as many and reddish as yours.

  12. Wow! great job on your garden!I still wait or my tomatoes to ripe... everyday I watch everyone of them hoping one is ripe!

  13. You're a wonderful mom! I can't imagine how you can manage a beautiful garden with bountiful harvest and at the same time take good care your five cute children. I admire you for that. Keep it up!