It's the Little Things in Life

Annika has a love for all things tiny.

When she is cranky, pulling out a tray of something small always peps her up

She loved this glass one best of all. This particular yellow one only. The rest she left alone. This one she held- for a long time.

Her fascination with these things helps during school time too. When she plays with bigger, small things- like golf tees or piles of popsicle sticks.

It's giving her quite the pincer grasp. Helpful during dinner time. Not so much when she's on the floor picking up 1 tiny dog hair.


  1. I Love your blog,you have a very beautiful family and look you have a cute little girl added to the boys.You are going to have to change your blog title to It's a Boy's Life(+girl)

    I love the Polish chickens,we had several before and they are awesome we named one ROCKSTAR BC he reminded me of Ozzy bc the hair.

    Thanks for visiting,I am going to FOLLOW YOUR BLOG so I can keep up with you.

  2. Lol ~ it's amazing how those little chubby fingers can always manage to find the smallest crumb... ;) My youngest is 11 and she still has a thing for small objects, seems like some never outgrow the fascination! :) Annika is the most precious little girl, what a cutie! :)