Untitled. Random Pictures and Words.

 These pictures are all from last week. I don't think I have had the camera out since Halloween on  Monday. But it's our life nonetheless.

My baby girl. Who is now 10 (!) months old. She took her first 2 steps about 2 months ago. Then decided that was all she wanted to do and would take one step and slowly lower herself down and crawl. Tonight she took 5 steps. She had a very loud audience cheering her on. 

We went to a birthday party last week at one of those big inflatable places. My boys love those places. Except for Lakin who was tired since it was an evening party. He threw fits instead. But it was fun for everyone else!

Penelope. Cuddled up on my dad's dog in NC last weekend. 

 And Annika playing on the stairs.

Spending time with my brother and his fiancee. Who are here visiting from Bogota, Colombia for a whole month.

A walk through the woods. I love this picture and the color of all the leaves. What's even better is that this is my  [new] back yard. Literally. 

Rylan, Cale and Cohen are helping to clear a trail all around the property. They LOVE this time with their grandparents and using their pruning shears as much as they want. 

Lakin usually stays with me, this time with his little pruning shears.
And now I should unplug my camera from the computer and put it to use. We've been homebodies the past few days. Paul is in Kansas City for 4 days at a conference that I am very proud of him for being chosen to attend. But I don't much like being here alone- with or without 5 kids. He gets home late tomorrow.


  1. Wait... have you officially moved? Yay! Welcome home!

  2. Not yet. We are down almost every weekend, but probably won't officially move everything until the new year.

  3. What a beautiful backyard! And Annika is getting so big! It's bittersweet, isn't it?

    Congrats on the move--I hope you enjoy your new home lots and lots!

  4. Love the colors of the new backyard. Congrats!

  5. Wow, I love the fall photos! Such beautiful colours!

  6. Gorgeous fall trees! Our leaves are nearly all gone now--but they were nice while they lasted!

    Such a sweet little girl! I bet it won't be long until you can hardly keep up with her!