The Chaos of Cale

 All of the boys got their own cameras for Christmas. And they absolutely love them. I find it amusing to upload their pictures and find out just want they have been capturing. A lot of them are videos of car rides, dancing sessions or the fish tanks, which are too long to share here. But here a just a couple of Cale's more than 500 pictures...

Some are nice and normal...

Lakin at our new house

The view from the field. 

 The boxer that came to visit us

Lots  and lots of the barnyard-



Lots of Annika

And the kitten

The "snow"


But the majority are more like this one...

I think Cohen is dead here....attacked by Zombies if I remember correctly. Probably 25% of Cale's pictures are of Cohen doing something odd. 

Then there are staged photos like this....
Poor Diego...he looks a little like he's being tortured...

But by far the majority are of this:

This one is tame. I've got all sorts of strange self portraits. Including one of straight down his throat.

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