Fuzzy, Furry Alpacas


Paul has a couple customers at work who run an alpaca farm and when he expressed interest in the animals they invited us to come and take a look.

We went over this past Sunday to tour their farm and learn more about Alpacas. 

 Aren't they cute!! The animals were very shy, but very curious and followed us up and down the fence rows as we walked. 

A couple were even brave enough to come up and see and smell the boys up close.

The farm was huge- with many more animals then I expected to see. There must have been at least a hundred of them- probably more.


Above are some of the expectant mamas- a couple due any day now. 11 and a half months these mamas have to wait for their babies!

Then we wrangled up some of their show quality babies.

And they showed us how to inspect their fiber for quality. 

And answered any questions we had about care, breeding and fiber harvesting.

And of course all of the boys came home with major alpaca fever. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are so adorable with their big, fuzzy faces!! The girls have tried to persuade me for years to get an alpaca... ;) That looks like a great field trip! :)