From the Camera of Rylan

Last week I shared some of Cale's photographs, today I want to share some of Rylan's. He is my realist. He is also my one who is actually interested in photography and spends a lot of time looking for the right shot and erasing ones he doesn't like or turn out different than he wanted. 

His photographs consist mainly of portraits-


And snapshots of his everyday life- like walks in the neighborhood

Or his brother all decked out with a duct tape sword, mask and cape. (Later they decided he was Zorro)

And pets...this is our clown knife fish

 And Bandit and the cat attacking each other. Bandit looks really mean here- but I think he's actually yawning.

This kitten gets a lot of attention with the camera

And landscapes....

Of course not all are like this- he's taken numerous videos of Cale and Cohen's after dinner dance-a-thons. And Random pictures of toys but I think he's got a good eye for photographs.


  1. I think he's got a good eye too. My favorite is the one of the kitten.

  2. He did get some good ones, I like the barn/woodshed one best. :)