Valentine's Day and Good-byes

 Our co-op fell on Valentine's Day this year so we spent the day doing various Valentine's crafts and activities.

Like sorting and graphing candy hearts.

And making sun catchers by drawing on paper with baby oil.

Then the kids all handed out their Valentine cards to each other

This was also our last day with our friends...we were moving the next day...

They surprised us with this picture- the kids had made their hand prints at the co-op the week before but I hadn't known what they were for. I love it and know perfect spot for it on the wall of our new school room.

We loaded up the moving truck on Wednesday- so now we are in a sea of boxes, trying to get everything set up. We have been blessed with beautiful weather- 60s on moving day and today and yesterday. So we have been trying to finish up the goats' shed before the colder air and rain moves in. We still have to go back for a couple of our cats and our chickens, as well as a few more boxes, but for the most part we are all moved in and about half unpacked.


  1. Man...I might just cry AGAIN!!!!!

  2. Wow! How very exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures of the new place once you're all settled in. :) Looks like a fun and happy Valentine's Day! :)