Settling In

 It's been a busy week...I feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished. And I feel like there is so much yet to do. 

We finished our goat shed, which I am sure the goats are appreciative of since wind is gusting and whistling outside right now.

Bella, the worst of our escape artist goats, has already found her way out of her new yard. In the next few weeks we will bring out the electric wire and hopefully that will keep her contained. 

Spring is on it's way- 

though I am still expecting winter will make a return when we all least expect it...

We are getting ready to start our seeds inside and have someone coming out tomorrow to look at the area outside to be tilled. Hopefully I can get the cool weather crops in soon.

The boys enjoyed some golf practice. Rylan has a pretty good swing.

Cohen and Cale look a little more like they are taking a baseball bat to a car...

Annika worked on her putting.

She also helped make our compost bin.

Here is the finished project:

The house is slowly coming along too. This is our new school room:

Here is Annika's new room. I still have a couple dressers to paint, but over all it is done. 

Rylan and Cale's room is about done too. Yes, they have too many stuffed animals and no I don't make them make their beds. 

Lakin and Cohen's room still needs another coat of paint on the ceiling- which was orange before- but it's pretty well set up. 

We still have a lot left. Boxes to unpack. Another shelter to build. Another fence to put up. But all that will be much easier now that we don't have to travel 2 hours to work!


  1. Well for goodness sakes you have been busy! Everything looks great - especially love that color on Annika's walls. What a great feeling to be getting things done!

  2. Wow - you have gotten a lot done! Your place looks beautiful, inside and out.
    And I think Lakin's (I'm assuming) bed is really cute. Love that idea.

  3. Looks just lovely! I really like the green in the school room. So happy you are well on your way to being settled in.

  4. Very Nice! I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your new home and adventures. :)