The Good with the Bad

 There is lots of life around us. We are surrounded by our animals- dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, duck, chickens, goats, alpacas...

These animals quickly find their way into our hearts and become part of our family. They are part of who we are and how we live. To my children their chickens are much so as a dog or cat. They hold them, pet them, hug them. 

When new additions come, it is a joyful occasion. We have 2 strong growing kids.

And baby chicks to care for.

But then there is the bad side of animal ownership. The part that hurts.

Last Friday Cohen lost his favorite bird to a predator. Prunella had gone broody under some brush and they had just found her that day sitting on 6 eggs. The boys wanted to move her but  we thought she would be okay for one night. She wasn't. Cohen cried on and off the whole day. Kept feathers he found of her's in his pocket.

And last night Paul went out to find Rylan's alpaca, Two Socks, on the ground. Sounding like he was choking. By the time I got out, he was gone. We are at a loss really as to what happened. It was rainy yesterday and we were inside all afternoon. I usually stay with them until they finish their grain but I didn't that time, so I wouldn't know if he got choked to the point of not being able to work it out on his own. He was a rescue who had a rough start, and was on the mend when we got him, but he did stay off to himself more than others. He ate. He came to the gate. And now he's gone. My 2 older boys took it hard. Rylan the worst. He went to bed in tears and woke up almost just as upset. 

Their hearts hurt for losing their animals. And mine hurts for them. 


  1. Losses like these are so heartbreaking, especially for children. Still, death is as much a part of life as living. We grieve every loss, berate ourselves, and then press on. Hopefully these experiences will help develop balance in their lives. As much as I wanted to shield my young ens from pain, I think they are stronger adults for learning how to deal with it while they were young.

  2. As new chicken owners, we haven't had these losses yet, but I'm sure they will be hard. Hope your guys feel better about it soon!

  3. Oh, that's sad stuff! Hope they feel better about it soon!