Planting Day

This week's work? 

The garden. 

New beds have a lot of prep work. Tilling. Pulling weeds and grass clumps. They boys, by the way, hated that part. We spent the better part of a day pulling all the grass we could out so that it wouldn't reroot. It was like pulling teeth. 

Adding compost. 

Now the compost. That was a fun job. Cale, Cohen and Lakin unloaded the whole trailer full in less than an hour.

Mixing it in. 

And finally planting.

Now if I can just will these little plants to grow quickly so that they can overcome the many obstacles in their way: chickens, wind, cats, dogs....

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  1. What a great post. Have fun with your garden this year.

  2. Looks like a beautiful start to your garden!

  3. Sounds like hard (but satisfying) work. It will all be worth it when you are enjoying those wonderful vegetables!

  4. Lol ~ I love your blog... probably because it reminds me of me so much! We were just out prepping our garden today, it's finally coming together! I just spent some time catching up here, sorry about the loss of Two Socks, but their new pasture looks amazing! All those baby goats and chickens had my daughter oohing and ahhing as she read over my shoulder. :)