A Boy, a Girl and a Chicken

 Rylan has this bird named Queenie. We hatched her in the incubator last fall. She's was a sickly chick. Not very strong, a little floppy, one leg seemed a little off. When we let them out of the brooder and they were old enough and strong enough to hold their own against the big hens, Queenie stayed inside the coop, roosting on the feed cans or hiding behind them all day.

And because of this Rylan took a special interest in her. I told him not to get attached because I honestly didn't think she'd live that long.  But he brought her food and water. He carried her out back to be with the rest of the "chicks".  Finally she started to come around. She's still a little off looking and one leg is still a little odd, but she's running, pecking and venturing. She is also trained to run to Rylan as soon as she sees him. Or any person, if he's not around.

And now that we have a chicken that will run to us. A chicken that is a little smaller than average. Annika now has a chicken she can catch. And carry. And hug. And love.

And Annika really loves Queenie. Almost as much as Rylan....

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  1. Super awesome - I bet your daughter can't get enough! :)

  2. How cute! We're getting chickens this spring and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop. Look forward to having you back tomorrow: