April 6, 2013

Bones. Found outside and claimed by Annika.

The next round of tomato seedlings growing strong. About 80-90 total tomato plants.

1 of 5 lavender plants. Also growing strong.

Eggplant. It finally got warmer in the house, which means the eggplant finally took off.

Peppers. They grow slower than the tomatoes. But they are getting there. We are trying lots of new varieties this year.


And basil. I've got about 7 different varieties.

Spending time with the babies. They are phone pics, so not the best. But they are growing bigger everyday. We'll have some new ones to introduce soon too!

How was your day? 


  1. Wow! All of your stuff looks great!

  2. I love how simple and delightful this post is. I am working on seeds and gardens now, too. Please consider sharing this at Look What We Did, a month long link up provided by HammockTracks. -Savannah