Mountain Science Expo

Yesterday we went to the NC Arboretum for the Mountain Science Expo (part of the NC Science Festival). There was a ton of booths set up with things for the kids to see, touch and learn about.  Everything from the fish hatchery and trout identification to energy use and alternative energy sources.

And tree identification, soil types and all sorts of bugs and other specimen to look at.

Making gummy creations. Learning how to use a compass. Eating EarthFare snacks.

 Outside was set up for the messy, hands on sort of science. I think Cohen got about 20 pencils in before he sprung a huge leak.

Annika enjoyed the bubbles the most. And the puppies.

 Of course no science festival could be complete without Legos.

Downstairs they had opened up their classroom. And we got to explore animal skeletons as well as meet some of the resident animals- such as Snickerdoodle the rat and Salazar the king snake.

 On to Earth Science- with all sorts of rocks, minerals and fossils. As well as a laser thermometer to play around with.

Looking at the sun and the sun spots with the telescope.

Then we took a break to play like maniacs, and try to save each other from falling through the drainage grate.

And finally stopping to smell all of the flowers before leaving.