Fancy Dresses....and Dirt

 Earlier this summer my mom gave Annika a dress. She called it her "fancy dress" and she loved it. Then Paul's grandmother found a dress on sale and gave her another "fancy dress".  Then a couple weeks ago we found a third at the Goodwill Outlet.

 She wears them any chance she gets. And with three of them, one always seems to be clean, which means these dresses are pretty much in constant wear.

But she lives on a farm. And has 4 big brothers to keep up with. And, although she loves fancy dresses, she also loves dirt.

 And no matter what, at the end of the day. Those fancy dresses aren't quite so fancy anymore.

But they are covered in mud and dirt and are usually sopping wet too. 


  1. My four year old daughter is the same way! Her fancy dresses have been loved to pieces I have slowly had to throw them out. She has whole dresser full of play clothes that she has never touched!

  2. Awe, this is so cute. It is so fun to have a little girl.

  3. These are the best pics ever! She is so sweet!

  4. What fun - I would love to do that :) Love your blog - found you on the Things In My Head podcast!