{Review} Typecrush

What is Typecrush?

Typecrush is a word game based on letter frequency analysis. It is made up of letter tiles, color coded based on how frequently that particular letter appears in the English language. The key is for one player to choose a word and all the other players try to guess the word. There is only one rule- whoever solves the word, chooses the next one. All other rules are up to the individuals who are playing, which means it is fully customizable. It is best suited for ages 7 and up, with some reading skills required.

What you get: 


In the Typecrush canister you will receive the following:
  • 98 color-coded, letterpressed letter tiles made from 100% recycled materials
  • 2 letter frequency charts/how to play cards


How to Play: 


This is the fun part. Since the one rule is simple, you are free to make up your own rules. In basic terms a player picks a word, chooses the tiles needed to spell that word and flips them so that the word is hidden from the other players. Then, using the letter frequency chart, the other players try and guess the hidden word. Whoever guesses the word gets to choose the next one.

There are endless possibilities to this game. We played in sort of a hang-man style. Where we'd take turns guessing each letter. If we were correct it was flipped over and once we had guessed each tile we would get the chance to take guess as to what word it was. This way we all of us, with our varying ages and abilities, were able to play. We also chose to play using categories- such as sea life or food items- in order help with the guessing.


 Some other options to think about:

  • Play in a scrabble formation- where each word has to connect to a previously played word
  • Make it even more educational by playing with spelling words, sight words or vocabulary words
  • Pair up younger and older siblings to help teach cooperation
  • Use the game time to remind kids about common spelling rules or letter combinations


What did we think:

I really like open-ended games like this, especially letter games. There are so many possibilities on how to use the letter tiles- from the intended game playing purpose to using them for added points of interest in spelling, reading and other language arts lessons.

What did I like best?

  • I liked that we could all play together. All of us- even Annika could participate in her own way.
  • This game really encouraged my boys to expand their spelling. My older 2 boys tried to come up with the longest words/phrases they could think of and they had to spell the word and then remember it even after the letter tiles were flipped so they could tell us if our guesses were wrong or right.
  • The critical thinking and problem solving aspect of this game is wonderful. The older the player the more they get it. I saw my oldest thinking aloud often, saying things like, "the only letter that makes sense there is...." I saw them remembering rules and letter combinations and using them to decipher the words. 

What I had trouble with? The price. At $25, it's a little steep for me. But I think just about any game is in the pricy side, so compared with most of the similar games out there, this one isn't any more than your average family game.

Where to get it:

You can purchase Typecrush from their website. They are currently running a free-shipping offer, which makes the game a better deal as well. I think it would make a great gift and a welcome addition to any family game night.

You can also fine Typecrush on Facebook and Twitter.

 If you would like to read more reviews on this product and see how other families used this game, visit Mosaic Reviews.

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