{Review} LeapFrog Paper Based Learning Products

I am sure most parents out there are familiar with the LeapFrog Brand. Over the years we have owned many of their electronic learning toys, but now LeapFrog, by MEGA Brands, is publishing a line of paper based learning products to help kids develop important school skills such as handwriting, counting and math.

We received a few different products- targeted for the K-1st grade range- for the purpose of this review. When I think of the LeapFrog brand I think of well made, bright and educational products, and these did not disappoint. We received a few different flipbooks covering printing, numbers and math topics. The products are made to last- made from heavy board and an easy-erase surface for using over and over again. My kids have always loved doing dot-to-dot puzzles so, of course, Lakin was happy that each page of the printing book had a dot-to-dot. I am sure he didn't realize that with each puzzle he completed he was solidifying his knowledge of alphabetical order!

Also included in our package was a Ready for 1st Grade Math book and Subtraction Flash Cards. The subtraction cards are double sided and also include counting units (and units marked with an X  for 'taking away')  pictured beside each fact to help with learning the relationship between the quantity and the numeral. The Ready for 1st Grade Math workbook covered a large variety of topics like number order and words, skip counting, patterns and simple addition and subtraction. Lakin has already mastered most of the concepts in the workbook, so it won't get too much use just yet.

What Did We Think?


As I have mentioned before, when it comes to the early years when kids are building a strong foundation in the basics, I will take all the help I can get! If there's a product out there that will make reading more fun, writing more interesting and math less of a chore, I am all for it!

What we liked best:

  • I like the dry-erase aspect. For me, I like that I can reuse the product over and over, for multiple kids. 
  • Lakin (and Annika too!) likes the dry-erase aspect. For kids, a product needs a point of interest. Something about using a special pen and eraser can make all the difference when it comes to writing practice!
  • I like the durability. I have used a number of products over the years and I appreciate the strong cardboard used and the ease of use of the flip book design. Design is important when we are talking about an easily frustrated 6 year-old!


Where to Buy:

 LeapFrog products by MEGA Brands are available for purchase (MSRP $0.99 - $24.99 for children ages 3 and up) at major retailers including Toys R Us, Michaels, Joann’s, Target, Walmart, Officemax, and Costco. At Target and Walmart, look for them near the stationery and writing instruments, rather than toys or school supplies.

You can also check the Back-to-School section at these retailers to find these products!

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