Cohen's Eggs

Cohen has been asking to learn to read. He has an amazing memory for stories and he can "read" word for word most of his favorites....and what he can't remember all it takes is a one word reminder....the first in the sentence to get him going again. He's been playing on Starfall a lot and listening to our Sing Spell Read and Write CD songs. I *think* he knows all his letter sounds...although I am not sure because his pronunciation is off on a lot...he's incapable of saying some of the sounds correctly.....

Last week I made these eggs for him....he finally used them this morning since they were sick with the stomach bug before and we all now have colds....

Inside are: an item, a word card, and the letters used to make the word. The goal being to sound out the letters in each word(item), and them spell it using the letters. The word card is to check the spelling when the word is completed.

He did really well sounding out the letters that made up the words. He does like to go right to left instead of left to right, but my goal was for him to hear the individual sounds within each word. He got the initial sounds no problem and when I said the word really slow he heard the rest and spelled them all correctly.

Here is his finished work- he did them 3 times. I only wish I had a greater selection of miniature items!


  1. Great idea! If your short on objects, try using pictures. Sorry you all aren't feeling well again. :(

  2. You really are incredible. I see you writing homeschool books one day. Your ideas inspire and amaze me.

    I am sorry you guys have been sick. Some winters we are sick all winter long and others we are not sick at all. We got the 'not it' draw this year, and with all that is going on, I am very grateful... but I feel bad for those of you who are 'it' this year. {{{hugs}}}


  3. What incredible ideas you share. I am not a homeschooler, but I think I may "borrow" some of your ideas for my preschooler. He loves to do fun activities when we have a day at home. These eggs look like something we could take to our "yucky house" and he would have a great time together.