On the mend....

It's been an awful week around here....a solid week of puking, no energy, no eating, fevers and dehydration. My house smells too much of carpet cleaner- enough to make me nauseous at least. I haven't slept without a child and without interruption since last Saturday night. Hopefully tonight I will.

Cale got sick last Saturday night and missed much of the snow we had here on Monday. He was bad off and disoriented most of Monday. Lakin got hit Tuesday night and Cohen Wednesday morning. He had a rough day yesterday with 104+ fever and still vomiting. His lips were so dry and cracked they were bleeding. He finally got off the couch and ate with us tonight and seems mostly himself. A good night sleep should do it. Thankfully, Rylan seems to have outgrown the stomach bug age. Paul, Rylan and myself all felt a little sick, nauseated and lower appetites but that is all.

And since Cale woke up on Tuesday in relatively good spirits, and there was snow on the ground we headed up to the moutains. We had about 2 inches in our yard, so it was a little odd that the closer we got to the mountains, the less snow there was....but by the time we reached Cades Cove there was a decent amount- probably about the same 2 inches. But the day was beautiful and sunny. We played in the snow, snowball fights, made snow angels, visited the mill. It was a nice day. And I am also thankful that Lakin waited until about an hour after we got home before he threw up! My camera died (again!) about 5 min. into our trip, so all my pictures are on my phone and I can't get them uploaded...
But here is Rylan and Cohen's snowman....they were so excited on how big they got him!


  1. Oh you poor sweet babies! I am so terribly sorry you were so sick. That completely sucks! {{{hugs}}} Get some good sleep woman. You diserve it.

    Love Val

  2. Goodness!!! At least your house doesn't smell like barf. :[

  3. I am so sorry you guys were so sick. I am thankful you guys were able to get some fresh air. I hope the family will be feeling better soon.
    The snow man is adorable.