Growing and Growing up...

Some good things that come from a cold week spent at home with colds:
1. The seeds are planted and beginning to sprout. Little signs of life are pushing their way up through the soil in front of the playroom window.
2. Little ones learn new skills. Lakin is nearly 22 months more diapers (well during the day anyway).

It's like he's leaving all things little behind. No more crib, no more booster seat, no more diapers.
At least he still cries "Mommy" and comes after me if I stray to far from him...


  1. Sweet boy! And that is a great picture. :)

    I copied my reply to you about MBTP:

    That sounds right for what you are teaching them. Cyan is doing the 6-8 right now, and they have easy and hard choices for each lesson. I pick the one that is at her level and we only do that one. Alex takes the harder one for his level (he is in the top level, and I still have to adjust them so he is doing enough) and he is loving it. :) It might be a great idea to have them do the same unit and just photo copy the stuff small amount of paperwork they have them do. They could both easily do the 6-8 and with most things Cale could do the easy one and Rylan could do the one that is for the more experienced kids and you wouldn't even have to photocopy. They would be great in groups... you will have some great talks!

    Love Val

  2. You're such a good mommy! I can't motivate myself to do the potty training thing yet. Lakin's adorable.

  3. It's hard when they leave "baby" behind..especially when it is your baby!

  4. I can't believe he is already potty trained during the day. That's so great. Your little boy is growing up way tooo fast!

  5. Hi Sadie,
    Beautiful picture!!!