Fresh Air

After being cooped up inside for over a week, the 70 degree days are even more beautiful. School today consisted of a morning trip to the library and a scavenger hunt for learning library skills. Reading aloud, and that's about it...Tomorrow will be a garden-prep day, so no book work there either....should I feel guilty?
Sunday everyone was relatively well- still a little tired and grumpy- but well....My dad and Stepmother came over for a bit....(photo courtesy of my dad)They were pretty much outside until dark

This is Rylan's new bike. He bought and paid for it himself.

Today was even nicer....we have been letting some of our birds out with the dogs- with proper supervision- since our 2 wyandottes never go outside (the rooster won't let them). Today we let almost all of them out in the dogs's larger and has more grass. A lot of our yard is summer grass only so their yard is pretty bare...

Last year Lakin was a little scared of them, but he wandered all around with them today....
Come to think of it, I believe today is their birthday....we got them last Feb 11 and they were hatched the Friday before....


  1. WOW! Enjoy the fresh air...and send some here. What I wouldn't give for 70 degrees and no snow...

    The chickens are beautiful. Sounds like you had an awesome day!

  2. Should you feel guilty? No way! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. I teach at a public elementary school and I wish I could provide my students more experiences like that. Your boys are very lucky!

  4. Look at sweet Lakin with the chickens! He is so super sweet Sarah!