Apple Farmer Rylan

Last year Rylan planted a lot of apple seeds. It started with this one....isn't it beautiful?

It's a pink lady apple. The seed had already started to sprout when we cut the apple open to eat for lunch so he planted it in an empty peat pellet....and it continued to grow...

He planted a few more...mostly pink lady and a few golden delicious...4 sprouted. And grew. Sitting in a little wooden planter box made by him at Home Depot. Fall came, leaves fell. I thought once about bringing them in for the winter...but didn't.

Spring is around the corner. And they have leaves...

They range from about 6 inches tall to just over a foot.

We transplanted them into individual pots this evening. He is wondering if they will ever bear true fruit.

I find it all very exciting....coming from someone who planted numerous pear and apple seeds as a child, and never saw a single sprout. (Although that may be due to the fact that I planted them in the middle of the back yard and relied on my memory for where they were located....). The little trees go nicely with our compost pile- planted nectarine trees....which have blooms this year...


  1. Yay for Rylan! Those are pretty pictures.

  2. Wow those are so pretty.
    Way to go guys.
    I was wondering the same thing wonder if they will be able to be transplanted and bear fruit? Isn't that what Johnny Appleseed did? :)
    Very nice plants if nothing else and what a nice garden project as well as a learning one.


  3. very fun! This is an inspiration to me. I have a bunch of herb seeds I hope to sprout soon.

  4. Wow! You'll have to keep us posted on whether they bear fruit or not because that's pretty amazing! Were these grocery store apples and were they organic or not? I'm just wondering because they say that the regular ones aren't fertile. for thought? LOL.

  5. I doubt they will bear fruit....but if nothing else they will be trees if they continue to grow....I don't recall if they were organic or not...