Happy Spring

Spring is officially here!

45 raspberry plants transplanted along the entire length of our fence;

50 strawberry plants in their new bed;

And over 100 pea seeds starting to poke their way up through the ground.


  1. That is SOOOooo cool! I miss my little inner city farm. The first day of Spring is so boring without it.

    I posted an answer to your library question on my blog but here it is for you. :)

    "Oh, I don't often buy books at all actually. I get all these from the library. And I request the ones that I can't find there that I want to read for them to order. They are pretty good about that. When I really love a book I add them to my 'buy' list for when we can afford it, and I pick them up from

    My last library was better (more books on healthy living, and no fees... great system!) but this one seems to be alright. I have about 40 books checked out at one time... 10 for each me and the kids. School books are another thing that they have... like "What Your Second Grader Should Know" and other books like that to keep me knowing where the kids 'should' be. I love libraries!"


  2. Hey Sadie, would you like to do this with me?

    I have been thinking for a while about making Waldorfy type things for my kids Easter baskets and was wondering if you would like to share ideas. I will post any that I use, and am probably going to get a few more mamas in on this.

    No addresses need be sent anywhere... just post comments to my blog and I will post to yours. That way, we will both get ideas for great projects, patterns etc. :) The one I am currently working on is a felt fishing game for Logan.

    What do you think? Does it need to be more organized? Maybe a big post needs to be placed on my blog or something...


  3. I'm so incredibly jealous of your fabulous garden. Sigh.......