Spring is Coming...

We're on break again....for the past 2 weeks. We were trudging along, but my creativity is spent for this year I think....with other things I am dealing with...something had to give. So I purchased a couple units from Moving Beyond the Page, so while we are waiting for them to arrive we took off completely. They should be here tomorrow, and we will be back and ready to go by Monday. But in the meantime here's what we've been up to....

We planted the peas, onions, lettuce, carrots and radishes...

We had the cubscout pinewood derby...

And worked in the yard some more...

We are in the process of extending our garden beds....we have a 16' x 16 ' main bed, an 8' x 8' herb bed, and another 8' x 8' that was our strawberries. Last year the berries didn't do well (our transplant bed in the front produced, but the back one didn't), so we tilled them under and this year that bed will be for lettuce, peppers and some tomatoes...
We are adding 2 raised beds- a 16' x 8' for the strawberries and a 8' x 32' for various items. We also have plans to till up a good portion of the dogs yard to make room for the planned 3-sisters garden and peanuts.

I am so glad it is March, that the forecast is for the 70s this week....Now I just have to wait for warm weather to stick around and turn all this brown back into green....


  1. You cannot even imagine how jealous I am of all your green grass and gardening. We still have a foot or more of snow on the ground. Phooey!


  2. Hi Sadie,
    Sheila here. I was wondering if you can help me. I see that you live in Tennessee and our family (past relatives-roots) came from Tennessee (my father) anyway we are thinking in 3 years or so moving to Tennessee and I was wondering if you can share some information regarding Tennessee with me so that we can get to know the area or where we would like to move to etc.

    please feel free to email me privately.

  3. Wow... outside, and gardening already?!? I am so jealous!

    I think that you can consider all of this "Nature study". :) I wouldn't consider gardening time off for my kids, it is a different kind of study. ;)

    Tagged you.


    PS how is MBTP going???