Math and Such

Here's a view of some of our math activities for the week:

Bean Bag Toss

We've used it 3 different way so far-
Cohen- tossing 1 bean bag and calling out the number it lands on
Cale- tossing 2 bean bags and adding the 2 together
Rylan- throwing 2 bean bags and multiplying them togther

It's also great for my not-so-good catchers to get practice in catching the bean bags when I throw them back.

This is Rylan's project from yesterday:

It is adapted from an activity in the book Family Math. Basically I gave him a bunch of 1 in squares and we talked about forming rectangles. Then he set to work making rectangles with a certain number of squares...starting with 1. He went up to 9. Then we discussed squares, odds/evens, and prime numbers. I am planning to have him work more on it so he can begin to see which numbers share factors.

Dot Paint Graphing:

This one was pretty simple, but Cale hasn't done much with graphing so it was good for him. I gave him a set of buttons and a had him make a dot for how many he had of each and answer the questions.

Money Combinations:

The top of the sheet says "This chocolate costs $0.65. Can you think of 4 different ways to pay for it?" I gave him 1 of each coin and crayons. So he made rubbings of the coins up to $0.65 in 4 different ways.

In other, picture-less news....

Rylan started double digit multiplication today- as in 34 x 21. After a quick explanation as to WHY there was a zero in the second row, he took off. His book is nice in that the first page uses graph paper and has the zero already printed. Then they slowly over the next 4-5 days wean him off to just the written problem. He wanted me to sit right with him at first...but after 2 we was ready on his own and came to me later saying that in a few weeks he'll learn how to multiply by a 4-digit number and that he thinks he knows how it will be done :)

Cohen has been begging for school so I have made a conscious effort to include him. So far this week he's done our tanagram book, creating bead color patterns on pipe cleaners, and his favorite is this new website I found- Reading Eggs - they give a 4 week free trial so I signed him up. He's enjoying it and if it helps him learn to read, why not?

Last week, I mistakenly told Rylan that I was done transplanting raspberries. I went down the entire fence row planting 45 and I was just going to dig up the rest. He didn't want that so he planted 37 more in the back side of our yard. The garden is free but I still have a few more that have popped up in the path between the beds.

Now I am off to re-learn precalculus. Paul is going back to school and is currently taking 2 independent study courses- Ag Econ and Finite Math- his advisor wanted him to take a lower math first based on previous test scores, but agreed since I would be able to help tutor him....but it's been 9 years since I've even looked at calculus....hopefully it'll come aback easily.


  1. Wow! Rylan can do double digit multiplication! That's so darned neat. I mean, I know we all eventually get there, but he's a young guy to be doing that!

    You *must* have a good math teacher. :-)

    I loved that part about the secondary raspberry garden. I can't let go of plants either.....

  2. I can't let plants just die either. I will put them somewhere... even if I have to move them in a year. lol!

    You are doing great with the math! I am totally impressed. I love your games. Creative as always!

    Off to check out that Reading Eggs site for Cyan. :)


  3. Heya,

    I saw your comment on my blog and yes, the recipe rises just fine. It's just tasty goodness all around.

    In fact I made a regular mashed potato version today because I have to save my sweet potatoes for Easter now, LOL. I kept the sugar in the regular potato version, but didn't add milk (and I made the mashed potatoes with a mix, using water--no milk!) They are a fabulous change from regular refrigerator potato roll dough in that you don't have to let them rest chilled for 5 hours before rolling. Wonderful stuff there, lady. You got my bread-making butt motivated. :-)