The Good With the Bad

It's been raining for I don't know how many days. There is only so much rain I can take before I start to go a little crazy.

The bad:

1. MUD. Pure and simple. We have 4 boys and 3 dogs. I think my kitchen floor will be stay brown for a long while.

2. The 2 broody chickens who's nests did NOT withstand the high wind, thunder, flooding storm we had this morning. As soon as it cleared I checked on them....the nest, and eggs, were soaked. I dried them and got them new hopefully they will still be good...the first one is due to hatch around next Friday.3. Boredom. 4 boys cooped up in the house is enough to make you crazy too. We got Lakin a truck load of sand for his birthday last ended up raining when we went to get it, and we had to unload it in the rain to save the trucks suspension....they want to play in it. Everytime it stops raining they run out....
But there is the good that comes from all this rain.... and the small bits of sun in between...

1. Berries....ours are starting to come in. We get 3-4 everyday- which never make it past the backyard...

2. Radishes. I pulled over half a pound (after cutting the stems off) tonight. I don't really care for them, but they are so pretty when they've been washed. Cohen and Lakin pop them like candy.

3. Growth. The tomatoes have taken off....starting to flower....and I need to get more stakes for the remaining plants....

4. Peas. Tonight we rummaged through the tangles of vines and found 3 ready to eat pods....which didn't make it past the backyard either.

5. Playtime. Today's storms didn't last much past lunchtime so all afternoon and evening was spent outside with the bikes, garden, sand and bugs....


  1. I have to mop muddy paw prints off of my floor every...two to three hours. I'm ready to be finished with indoor dogs.

  2. What beautiful garden pictures! I love the sand area you set up too. That backhoe thingy is something I am getting Logan for his 3rd birthday next year. He LOVES backhoes... they are an obsession over here.


  3. Wow, look at those strawberries and pea pods. I don't blame you for not getting them past the backyard!

    Our lawn needs to dry out still from the frost leaving. It goes "Squish, squish, squish," when we walk on it. Bleah!