What to do?

For a few weeks we had forgotten to close our garden shed completely. Then a week or so ago, Paul closed and latched it. On Sunday he went out to get a bucket to clean out the fish tank and found this, Guilt trip number 1:There were 6 eggs. Probably abandoned by the mom who couldn't get back in to them when we closed the shed. Since we have a new found talent for candling eggs we tried it. Two were clear. Two were full, but dented. Paul was sure they were dead though (we weren't sure about the incubation of wild bird eggs), but we cracked a dented one open. Guilt trip number 2: it was alive. We put the 2 eggs in the nest in the bucket back in the shed.

So today we were out working in the garden. We checked. 2 chicks. Squirming and wiggling all over. We felt sad, still fairly sure the mom is gone, but put the bucket back.

Cale wanted to check on them this evening. Guilt trip number 3: Both were head up, mouths open wide. Quietly cheeping.

I don't think there is anything we can do. I doubt the nature center takes newly hatched chicks. Maybe injured birds, but not these. I am still hoping maybe the mom is around. Looking at the eggs I think they are either Chickadee, Titmouse or Nuthatch. Leaning toward Titmouse since we have a lot in our yard. They are small, maybe she could have fit in the crack at the top of the door when it is latched? Maybe she is out searching for food? The door is opened now. Maybe she'll come back.


  1. Oh, no.
    I'm sorry for your situation!
    Hopefully Mama (or Daddy) will come around!

  2. Aw...that is sad! I hope that Mom comes back. Along the years we have found a few nests of abandoned baby birds and have tried to feed them worms and never quite worked for us. Hopefully your situation will turn around...

  3. What a sad deal!
    I hope mama comes back too. The farmer in me says that this happens all the time in the wild, but the mama in me is sad, sad, sad.

    Good luck!

  4. Chicks usually have to be a certian temprature for the entire hatching period to actually hatch, dont they? So I think the mama can get back in and out. I think they will be fine... Or at least, I think there is a chance they could be fine.


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