The Kitchen is Not my Friend

I am trying to make Lakin's birthday cake....

1. I've learned that I cannot substitute melted butter in every recipe, including my favorite chocolate cake recipe, and get good results....the center of both cakes (loaf pans) fell.

2. Butter and flour don't work as well as non-stick spray.

3. I am regretting at the moment that we have taken vegetable oils out of our diet....then I wouldn't have a cake with a hole in the center and no bottom.

4. I would hate to run to Walmart for non-stick spray...but I can't. I have no vehicle. Paul left his truck here full of sand box sand and took mine and the carseats to work.

5. I found a new cake recipe that uses butter and no oil, so I am waiting for the butter to soften. I am already anticipating that the new cake will come out of the pan with no bottom on it either.

6. It's 4 o'clock. I haven't thought about dinner, the new cake needs to be made and cooled, I need to make icing and carve a bus shape out of the new cake. Then cover the whole thing in yellow icing.

7. I am wishing a pizza place delivered to our house....but no we live too far out in the country....

8. My usually helpful-before-a holiday/party boys are not being helpful today. Screaming at each other and not cleaning up their stuff. I feel guilty for lecturing them about selfishness and the fact that just because they don't have anything to lose/gain (presents, candy, Easter baskets, etc) doesn't mean that Lakin's day isn't as important.

Back to the kitchen....

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  1. That sounds really tough. Sorry! I bet your cake turns out wonderful though! (Banana cake has no oil in it. ;) )