The Wait is Over!

I've posted a couple of times about our broody birds....well one was due on Saturday, which came and went with no peeps. Sunday we checked the eggs....2 were rotten and 2 looked like something might have tried to develop but didn't (these eggs had 2 eggs squashed on top of them, fell out of the nest 2 times and the nest flooded once....) So we split the remaining 8 eggs between the 2 hens and waited some more. Yesterday morning before we headed up to Gatlinburg to visit the grandparents...we saw 2 pips (small crack in the eggs), one under each. Good thing we were gone all day because they still weren't out when we got home that evening. But by 7:30....we found this little guy:

Isn't (s)he cute!! This picture was take today, once it was dry, rested and starting to get curious. By 8 we had another, a little black one. And one more egg pipped. Sadly, we found that 3rd chick in the nest this morning....pecked by the mom. I was hoping it was an accident, that it had died getting out of the shell....the 4th chick was on it's way. I watched all morning and before lunch I checked at it was out, alive- but bloodied. So I took it and gave it to the other mom, and after much debate and looking over the little black chick I noticed a pecked spot on it's head too. So I took him from his mom and gave him to the other as well. Here (s)he is under his new mom. She accepted them both into the nest.
There are 2 eggs left that so far are doing nothing. I moved the bad momma back into the hen house and she is a bit stressed...pacing up and down the fence clucking....but I think it is for the best...and I just hope the new little one survives it's traumatic entrance into the world!


  1. Goodness... what an exciting day! They are SO cute! But I could imagine that the pecking could be a bit destressing. I think you did the right thing too.


  2. Awesome Job!

    That cannibalism thing (when they peck stuff to death, not necessarily eat each other) that hens do sometimes is disturbing and you handled it with aplomb. Sometimes it's out of boredom, but you'll probably want to watch her in the future because it can get to be a habit once they start. It can also be caused by the sight of blood, which chickens can see very well for some reason. One of the books I was reading suggested a red light in the hen house if she starts up again, because it's impossible for her to see where she's pecked.

    Good luck!

  3. What an exciting day! (You just made my 5yo son's day who came running over to the computer and said "Are those baby chickens????!!!!)Chickens are such a learning experience. Until we can get our own, I'm living through yours!!

  4. The babies are sooo cute.
    Is the mommy that is pecking at her babies okay? Is there something wrong with her like ill or something that she would do that or is that somewhat normal? That is sad, but I am thankful the other one took them in. They are so precious.


  5. It can be normal....this is their first time being mamas, and some don't know what to do. And personally I don't think she was trying to hurt really- just inexperienced, because she was good to the first hatchling...and the pecked one (who is doing great, btw) was under her when I found it, not in front of her like the one that died.