Adventures of Adjective Man

We've been having one of those weeks were inspiration is low, we seem to do more school-at-home, which I don't like, doing basic core subjects and not much more....A lot of my nightly planning time has been spent on finishing up my lesson plans for a co-op class I am teaching this fall- which starts on Monday. This is our grammar week for language arts- and it is mostly on the parts of speech. Monday we did colorful verbs- which everyone enjoyed acting out. We also played a guess-the-verb game....which was basically I gave them a direction, but instead of saying a verb I said the word "cement mixer". They had to come up with all the possibilities...for example I would say 'cement mixer' your hands. They would come up with all the possible verbs...clap, wash, dry, shake...etc.

Today we did adjectives with Adjective Man. They each had a small (1/4 sheet) book. Here's Rylan's front cover...
On each page following they added a adjective.... A fat man....
All the way to The small, fat, ten-nosed, green, ten-eyed, bright, smart man went home.

Cale isn't done yet...he's decided it is a better use of his time to sit and do nothing than to work (Math, spelling and this book)....but he'll finish eventually when he sees that everyone around him is playing....he did make it through a few pages, laughing as he went, before giving up...his reads:

The tall,fat, stinky man....


  1. Love the grammar ideas! Very creative.

  2. How cute! Adjective men! We have been quite schooly ourselves lately to. My oldest was just complaining about that today.


  3. Nice game.
    What a great way to teach parts of speech. :)

  4. Adjective man is cool!
    We also are doing a grammar week (German grammar, of course) just in that moment.
    have a good time,

  5. I am definitely borrowing your Adjective Man idea for my 7 yr-old, superhero-obsessed son! Thanks for sharing!! I love the drawings!

  6. These are great ideas - I'll have to remember for when we do grammar.

  7. I love it. Your pictures are great. Your kids are terrific. Your homeschooling is perfect.

    Your are my hero for the day ok???