The end of the season

It's the end of the growing season....we didn't do a fall garden this year so we are slowly getting ready to put the garden to bed. the chicken house is cleaned out and the manure ready to be spread. I would have rather waited to clean it out until I could directly spread it on the garden beds but after I flooded the chicken house a few weeks ago....well it needed to be done immediately, so it is waiting in the compost pile.

We have started to bring in the sweet potatoes. So far they have done pretty well. I've dug up about 4 plants and gotten a good amount of them.

The boys like ones like these...

They are white fleshed, which I have never had before. And I am not quite sure where to put all of them to cure....but I'll figure that out soon, especially when I dig up the remaining 40+ plants.

Our peppers did really well this year too...and we still get about 12 of them a week...

And these....

Our peanut plans didn't go so well...first ants ate most of the seeds I planted and we only were left with about 10 plants. Then the weeds got out of control and I could only keep up with the main the peanuts got forgotten....but I didn't let Paul mow the are and let the weeds grow just in case....

Yesterday I dug up 3 of the plants I could find and got a handful. Next year I think I'll plant them in between other plants, like corn, in the main garden beds.

And I am already planning next year....


  1. Hi There,
    I am soo impressed at how well your garden turned out. You guys did great, I am so amazed. Alot of great food for a bit how wonderful. Nice Sweet Potatoes--I love sweet potato pie. Your peppers look beautiful great job.

    Already planning next year you go girl!!


  2. Your garden seems wonderful!! We have never planted peanuts before, how neat are you guys??? Love it.

    ANd those potatoes look great. Waht are you going to do with them??

    And your peppers. Do you pickle them?? You MUST do a post sharing all the details!

    And when I say Must I just mean that you CAN if YOU want. Only if you want to. :)


  3. What is the process of cleaning and storing the peanuts. Love what you do with your kiddos!