Signs of Fall

We've taken a break from regularly scheduled work, because I have what appears to be the flu...or too much stress (which tend to make me sick)...whichever it is I have managed to supervise math and spelling and make meals....and that's about it.

The weather has turned very fall-like. I had to dig out pants and long sleeved PJs. This morning they needed jackets to play outside. I am loving that it is so nice, they want to be out all the time and I can lay in the front yard with the lazy puppy and half-sleep while they play.

The tree in our front yard looses it's leaves yearly every year. No pretty colors for this one, just turns brown and drops them. There were enough of them to make a pretty decent leaf pile to jump in.

Hopefully we'll be back soon. I've been sick since Saturday night and no one else in complaining or coughing or feverish yet. I hope it stays that way.


  1. Major Havoc is so impatient for leaves to fall so that he can make a leaf pile to jump into that he asked if he could take a rake and go knock leaves off the tree to speed up Fall.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Our whole house has somesort of cold. In a couple of us it is mild, in Cyan it is horrible. :( Poor little bug.

    {{{hugs}}} Fall fun is always wonderful learning. No bookwork needed.


  3. I hope you feel better soon!
    I love that my older three just wanted to be outside playing all day yesterday...I love fall!

  4. It has also grown very fall like here as well and very chilly too. The kids haven't spent much time playing outside yet but, I am sure it's coming then again we have all been taking turns of coughing, sneezing and fevers as well as headaches or just plain old aches so it's been a very down turtle like week for us as far as school goes.
    You kept that puppy? I mean it's okay it's good? I remember you were taking the puppy to the vet; I am glad to here you can be chillin with the puppy did you name it?


  5. Your chemistry unit looks fabulous. Hope you feel better soon.