Since it's winter and the ground is frozen and I can't plant anything for about another month and I have the major urge to grow something, I am trying something new.


I got the seed sprouter from GardensAlive! If you order their catalog they have a $25 coupon off an order of $25. You just have to pay shipping. You can just use a jar too if you wanted.

I am starting with lentils. Here they are as of this morning- about 2 days in. I am hoping they will be ready to eat by tomorrow.

Next up is cakes....

This is my trying-new-recipes cake. New cake recipe, new icing recipe, new filling recipe. It turned out pretty good too.

Yellow buttermilk cake with lemon Swiss meringue buttercream filled with lemon curd.

and my mini I-have-extra-batter-and-icing cake. Same flavor as above, just no filling.


  1. The cake is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow! Awesome job on that cake. Mine never come out right. Tasty, but ugly as can be:)

  3. Cake looks awesome and sounds delicious! What a great skill!

  4. Wow! That cake looks delicious. Great job :)

  5. Wow, the cake looks great! My cakes never looks so beautiful.