It's that time of year. The air is cold. The sunlight is short. My mood takes a turn for the worse. And I start to reevaluate. Everything. I think too much. Feel guilty about too much.

The down economy you hear about everywhere has hit us hard this year. It's caused a lot of stress and pressure and altered how we live our lives. And we are searching for changes.

I don't like the way our homeschool is going right now. We don't have the balance I want. And I am pretty certain we haven't achieved the balance that the kids want. I am searching for changes. For what is most important to me. For our home. For our family.


  1. Hi Sadie,
    I hear you on the economy it has hit hubby and I hard also as well as the city we live in; two more stores are closing their doors and they are talking of our mall closing--it is going to really hurt the people like us who own homes here as well as the city itself. We are continuing making changes in our lives and pray for the best.
    Our homeschooling thankfully we had the availibility to go with k12 I am thankful for that and that we could incorporate it to work for us and still doing that. My thoughts and prayers with you through your changes.


  2. After reading your last post I wanted to give you a hug. I feel like that myself at times. You mentioned that your mood takes a turn for the worse. Could it be just your mood that makes you doubt everything else? I do that and have come to the place where I can now identify what is causing my negative thoughts. While it doesn't erase them, I know that if I can just hold on and get through that I'll usually think and feel a lot better about things when the bad times have passed or at least eased.

    Being the mom of 4 boys, I love to read your blog. I often wish that I could talk to you and pick your brain. Your lesson plans sound like so much fun. My mom and I were in Pigeon Forge last week and I kept wondering where you lived.

    Relax and give yourself a break.


  3. I pray you find the balance that you seek. For some reason, this always seems to be a "down" time in our homeschooling every year. Perhaps it is because I tend to fret over what we aren't getting done...or what everyone else is probably doing...or how much we have left to do...or whatever. I always pray for God to quiet my heart, and allow me to see the blessings and successes in addition to the areas that need a little work.

    Contemplating change can be both scary and exciting. I hope the way is made clear for you!

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  5. I feel the same way. Re-evaluating everything. Hating this recession. Blah.