Memories- The Box

Under Lakin's bed is a sea of boxes. Old CDs, paperback books, some of my school work from preschool through highschool, toys, and my memory box. Every so often I pull it out and look through it. So when Rylan wanted to look through my CDs I pulled this box out too.

It was put together in 1992, when I was in the 7th grade, with my best friend Melanie. It was our scrapbook of sorts. We decorated it will clipping from Teen Magazine and stickers from the Scholastic book club. Inside is a whole lot of stuff. From 1992 through around 1996. It grew from just Melanie and me to include my other high school best friends- Katie and Andrea

It started with our actual scrapbook. With cover pages for each school year like this one:

Teen magazine was our friend for decorations there too. The pages are construction paper filled with pictures and words on all our memories. Good and bad.

Our 8th grade dance....
9th grade when we spent all free time at the West Town Mall and the Dollar Movie Theater. Buying nail polish in every imaginable color at the dollar store and when boys were our lives.

No teen girl scrapbook could be complete without the pages dedicated to those stars we loved back then. There are pages for Christian Slater, Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix...a little silly looking back on them....

The scrapbook isn't the only thing in that box. It hold a whole lot of other memories- as well as proof that I am a pack rat.

A little black book containing hundreds of movie ticket stubs- times 4. The Mask, Then and Now, Trial by Jury, Legends of the Fall, The River Wild, Batman Forever, Interview with a Vampire, Pulp Fiction- although if I remember correct we got thrown out of that one the first time. And got a talking to by the man who took us out and a lecture to take home to our parents who bought the tickets for us. It was the only R movie we ever got taken out of and we went back and saw it later....
It holds a couple of our 8th grade class name is down there under features...

It holds my calendars- which from 1995-1997 looked like this:
The goal was to have something written every single day. The names of the boys we met around town were recorded, tests, appointments, phone calls, and if nothing happened something random would be written....

It holds the letters- and envelopes- from my friend Andrea when she spent a month at her dad's one summer. Can you tell she's an artist?

It holds this quilt. Andrea and I sewed it by hand in a week. Each of our 4 names are on the side, the corner blocks hold the names of the current-love in each of our lives. The other blocks depict some important event. Our beach house in Nags Head, the Mall, a telephone, the TN Valley Fair, our Moon Walk- when we walked the loop in Cades Cove after dark on a full moon. I love this quilt. It's been in this box forever but when I look at it I can remember each of the things it depicts as well as the week we made it. During a trip to visit Andrea's family in Virginia when we stayed in a cabin. With no hot water the first day, where I got the belt that still hangs in my closet, where there were so many bees in the cabin we started to capture them under jars and stick them with pins on cardboard for our bee collection....


  1. My mom and I just DROVE the loop in Cades Cove. She was worried about bears when we got out and walked to the first cabin - in January. I can't wait to tell her that you actually walked it and in the dark!


  2. I love it! Makes me want to go find the box with my scrapbooks in it...

  3. What a wonderful post. It made me yearn for my box that was lost in a move years ago. I have since created many a box and scrapbook but yours is wonderful. What an emotional trip that must have been going through it all, taking photos and giving explanations.