First up....Congratulations to Annie, who won my Pre-Valentine's Cookie Giveaway! And thank you for all the sweet comments. Decorating sugar cookies takes some time, but there is something therapeutic. Iit is very calming and not quite as stressful as cake decorating.

And I was looking through old posts last night and realized it has been months since I have posted anything homeschool related at all. I suppose we are going through the normal January blahs....basic book work and life. I have a few projects/units in my head and if I can get them down on paper- or into MS Word- we will start back with the type of learning we all enjoy more!


  1. Your cookies are beautiful. Congrats on starting the bakery business. I always love seeing the birthday cakes you make for your kids.

  2. Is that what it is? January/February blahs?
    So that's why we've been sooo eager to spend hours and hours like five-out-of-seven days at the park? :)