Evening Chores

Due to the time change our evening chores now take place much earlier in the day....before dinner, instead of before bed. But with the weather being so nice right now, it's an enjoyable time getting out there with the animals...

Grazing goats....

AKA me taking pictures of them,

while the kids play in the yard.

they are calm enough with passing cars to enjoy the front yard now, which is much more green than the back.

Collecting the eggs

And throwing the chickens their corn. This is Lakin's favorite job. Ever.

Our rooster, Charlie, has a bum foot. His toe is swollen and he hasn't been coming out of the house. He won't eat from our bucket anymore either. We are hoping he will hang on and get better with some rest.

and finally grain and water for the goats

And everyone is ready to settle in for the night.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! My kids have similar chores although with rabbits instead of goats. :)



    PS Take a belly pic. It only takes a second and you will like it later when your body goes back to normal. Logan's pregnancy was very well documented and I was SO thrilled to see that I actually lost the 50lbs I gained with that boy! This one... well I have really been slacking honestly. But I will be happy to have a few. :)