Greek Day

Last week we got together with some friends to do some activities on Ancient Greece.

We started off with Metric Olympics. With activities like the straw javelin...

and the right hand marble grab

and the left hand (or in this case 2 hand) sponge squeeze

They made an estimate on how far they could throw, how many grams of marbles and how many mL they could squeeze and then measured the actual. This used lots of team work!

Once we were done with the Olympics we took a break for lunch- stuffed pitas and Greek honey cake- then the kids drew and wrote on "wax tablets" (aka vegetable shortening)

And made batik paintings.

We finished the day with paper mosaics:


  1. wow that sounds like that was a very educational fun filled day.

    That's great! I don't know how you do it sometimes.


  2. I just have to say... that's one well loved bar pan!