Seeds and the Nutcracker

Last week we met with some friends to learn about seed dispersal. After a short video and discussing the different ways that plants get their seeds moving in nature, the kids explored various seed types.

Then they were presented with a challenge. To make their seed movable by wind.

Their seeds were almonds and they were given tape, scissors and paper to help them with their creations. As they finished they came to the fan to test and see if their seeds could travel by air. Then they went back to the drawing board if they were unhappy with the results.

Here is one of Cohen's- he eventually added a loop at the top to let the wind pass through, which helped his seed travel farther.

And Lakin's- he wanted a parachute, so I helped him make one.

Then we moved on to learning about The Nutcracker Ballet. I have fond memories of going to see The Nutcracker Ballet in Washington D.C as a child. I still have the sugar plum fairy and nutcracker Christmas ornaments I got one year. And I still listen to the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker CD often.

Reading The Nutcracker

To a very captive audience

Using a listening map

and instruments to play the different parts of the music.

For more information and other lesson plan ideas to go along with The Nutcracker visit Eclectic Momma.


  1. Thanks for posting that great picture of the listening map...mine didn't turn out quite that good. You always take such great pics!

  2. Wonderful lessons! We took a sock walk one year for seed dispersal and it was a very interesting lesson. We bought dollar store socks, put them over the kids shoes and had them walk through a grassy area. Then we planted those socks in soil and left them outside for the winter. In the Spring, we got to see what they picked up... it was AMAZING! Lots of thistles, but we even got some Queen Anne's Lace.



  3. Starting to baby watch on you my dear. ;)