Bit by Bit

We've got a long list of things to accomplish before moving. Things like knocking down a barn and building a barn. And fencing. A lot of fencing. Today we started on a small yard for the goats and chickens. The barn and chicken coop will be in this yard. It's where we will keep kids when they are very young. Eventually they will have about an acre to forage on, but for now we are starting small.

So today was fence posts. Measuring distance and driving them in. And pruning brush out of the way.

Rylan and Cale helped. Rylan has been a huge help lately. Helping to tape walls, pack boxes, prune weeds and hauling other things around. He was doing pretty good with the t-post driver too.

We've also got a new addition to our homestead.

Meet Thor.

He's an Oberhasli buck. With one broken horn and one curled horn. He's calm around the dogs. A little scared of us. He's got sad eyes and he stinks. But hopefully he will do his job and come late March we will have babies

He's only been here a few days now but seems like a very even tempered non-aggressive boy. Which is the type I wanted.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog...enjoyed the post...smiled about the goat that stinks. Look forward to reading more of your family.

  2. Hello! Your blog is precious (this is my first visit here). We also raise bucks on the farm and right now...they really stink! Thor is really's to bountiful babies!