A Week's Worth

We started off the week in North Carolina....

Enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather

And painting inside.

And showing Bandit around his soon-to -be home.

And more painting inside.

We pulled from our fall garden.

Tuesday we did some art with friends.

Optical illusion drawings.
I had seen these on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and was happy to finally try them.

Then we played games

And read books

and more games.

Then I took over the playroom-

with 150+ cookies

And lots and lots of icing

Lots of icing.

Here's the finished product- they were for a friend whose daughter is getting married tomorrow.

Wednesday was packaging day. Thankfully I had some help and conversation which made the time go by much more quickly.

Thursday was cupcakes-

Chocolate and white cupcakes in 4 bouquets for the Bride's Luncheon and Rehearsal dinner.

And tonight, I am doing nothing.


  1. Wow woman! You are an awesome baker/decorator! I'm so impressed, and I bet your friend was super-thankful for your talents!

  2. Now THAT is one busy mama! Looks great, and those cookies are amazing!

    By the way, you've been nominated for an award on my blog...if you're into the award thing...