Manual Labor

Our neighbor had a tree fall last spring during one of our many storms and she let us have the wood. This week Paul has been out trying to split the logs into more useable pieces. And after a couple comments of "that looks easy!" from Cale, the ax was handed over for him to see just how easy chopping wood was.

Of course Rylan had to try too. And it wasn't quite as easy as they thought.

And Cohen and Lakin brought out the hatchet.

It wasn't long before they realized they weren't making much progress. So they laid down the ax and picked up a wedge and the sledge hammer.


And now all of a sudden they have a new hobby. And I think we need another wedge and hammer. Since they can use those tools without direct supervision, they have been out back splitting these big rounds into quarters all day.


  1. Awesome! I never thought about a wedge and a hammer--I bet my girls could build some nice muscle that way!

    Do you use wood to heat your house? This will be our first year of doing so...and we are really lucky to have received a nice stack of already-split wood.

  2. Yes, definitely good for building muscle! Our new house has a wood stove which we are told will heat almost the entire house. So we are collecting wood for when we make the move