Trick or Treat

 Annika's first Halloween.
 A dinosaur joined us for school
 So did Super Cow
 And Spiderman
 Posing before heading out to our Halloween Party
 Lots of posing
 He wanted to be duct tape man....but settled for Super Cow when we ran out of time and tape to make his costume.
 But check out his cape....silver and black duct tape using a trash bag as a base.
 Spider climbing
 Obligatory group shot.
 And another group shot once we got where we were going. 
Party Time!
 Lollipop spiders
 Witches Stew contest
 and race
 Jack-o-lantern luminaries 
Jack-o-lantern pizza
Bone pretzels
marble painted spider webs
and faux trick-or-treating
Happy Halloween!