This Week's Wrap-Up

 I had plans to start back to school this week. We had been off for 2 weeks  and were relatively settled in. Then Paul had to go out of town for the week,  one of my boys has night time issues and was up until midnight almost every night. And, well, school didn't happen. But that's okay. 

We did a lot this week though- from home. Cale remembered his goal of 5 dinners a month and realized he had only made 2. And it was 3 days to the end of the month. So he got to work. Monday he made us garlic bread.

 On Tuesday, he tag teamed with Rylan to make apple cheddar muffins. And Wednesday he made lasagne again.

Paul tilled me up 2 rows before he left for the week and we planted peas, onions, lettuce, spinach and radishes before I ran out of room. 

Now if I could only keep the chickens out of the garden!

We are enjoying the spring-like weather....with blooms everywhere. 

We have a couple of these flowering magnolia trees which I have always loved. 

Monkeys in trees....

Down the road from our house is a little community center and park. 

We spent 3 afternoons there this week.

The boys made a dam in the creek. 

And Annika and Lakin made friends with the cows who came to watch them play. 

Storms are coming today, and Paul is on his way home. So we are inside, playing Rummy-O, Pay Day and Rylan's made up game. 

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  1. You were outside and the week flew by. ;) Tera got a kick out of seeing them with their bracelets on. Cale's just becoming the little chef!