Art and the School Room

 A couple years ago I got each of the boys a canvas to paint on. Since artistic interest and ability have changed so much since they first painted on them, I decided to start over. I repainted them all white- using wall paint since it is what I had on hand...

Cale and Cohen picked their subjects and got right to work. Cohen chose a warm and cool color pattern with his handprints all over. Cale chose to do a melted crayon picture. 

 Lakin also wanted to do his right away. He splatter painted on his canvas using tempera paint cakes. I also traced his silhouette onto contact paper before he started.

Here is Cohen's finished project! I love how it turned out.

And here is Lakin's. The contact paper didn't hold up to the wet paint, but I think it looks kind of neat the way the silhouette turned out.

The main reason I wanted to redo these now was to fill empty wall space in our school room. The new room is almost wall to wall shelves with a lot of wall space up high, but not large enough for our big wall maps.

 Our Friends painting went above one shelf, but I had a couple other spots I wanted to fill in with the kids art work.

Here are Cohen and Lakin's hung up above our science and math items. 

Cale's will take a few weeks to finish first and Rylan is still narrowing down his subject. 

Annika got to do a canvas of her own too. This is the first time she's used paint. 

She only tasted it once...


And this is the face she gave the brother to told her she wasn't supposed to do that.


  1. Your boys are so artistic . . .and your girl is too. Your school room looks fantastic.

  2. Wonderful artwork - they all turned out so beautifully!

  3. Love, love, love letting kids get creative!! Their artwork came out very nicely. I especially like the way the silhouette looks.

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS artwork .. from them all! :) Love them! thanks for sharing! and Way to go with the book wall :P hahah! i love books! I need a library lik on Beauty and the Beast LOL

  5. So many times I browse what ya'll been up to and wish I lived close enough to hang out and absorb some of your creativity. I sure am glad you have a blog!! Thanks for the inspiration!!