Kids in the Kitchen: Weekly Wrap-up

 The boys have been hit by the baking bug. Especially the older 2. And they are testing out their new found skills and freedom in the kitchen.

Rylan woke up early for 3 days in a row this past week and made breakfast for everyone. 

He made waffles, blueberry oat muffins and peanut butter waffles. I didn't get many pictures- I am not a morning person....

Lakin wanted to make granola bars for snack, so Rylan gave him a hand with reading the recipe and measuring everything. Lakin manned the spoon. 

Cale made soft pretzels to go with dinner one night.

And Rylan made carrot cake for dessert. 

He has been pouring over my cookbooks and Allrecipes. He has a long list of fancy desserts he wants to try and make. 

Some are simple, like chocolate pudding. But others, like Tiramisu and  Black Tie Mousse Cake (like from The Olive Garden) are a little more involved.

And finally, last night Cale made meatballs for dinner for the meat eaters of the family.

What have your kids baked lately?


  1. Tera's going to make a layered chocolate cake next weekend with peanut butter and chocolate filling. If it turns out well, we'll pass the recipe on to Rylan!

  2. Well, now I'm very curious. How old are your boys again? And how much on their own are they doing the cooking. My oldest is 6 and craves more responsibilities but I'm so afraid of accidents!! But then I think of how my sis and I had our accidents(flops, burns, etc) and learned from them... ??

  3. My oldest 2 are 10 and 8. They read the recipes, measure everything, put them in the pan and put them in the oven. I usually take them out of the oven. Some I provide more supervision- like the meatballs, I was there reminding him to to touch everything in sight and to remind him to wash his hands thoroughly. Rylan wanted me to ice the sides of his cake since they weren't to his satisfaction. Most simple things like muffins/biscuits they are pretty much alone in the kitchen.