It was a gorgeous weekend to be outside. And we spent most of it out in the soon-to-be pasture. Measuring. Pounding. Clipping.

Down the hill...

And back up again. 

Here are the hard working farm hands. Especially that dog. Can't you see how hard he's working? The kids did a lot...Rylan placed all the clips on all 40+ t-posts. Cohen helped measure for the placement. And they all enjoyed whacking down the cockleburs and throwing them in the burn pile. Goats can't eat cockleburs so we have to get them out of there- or at least greatly reduced.

 Once the posts were done, we headed out front. Paul tilled up where my strawberries are going and the boys and I measured and staked out the blueberry rows. 

And now I have 3 rows of  blueberry bushes- 16 total plants. 

We ran out of time and didn't get to the blackberries or strawberries, but hopefully I can get them in the ground before it rains tomorrow. 

And one last picture...of Bertie. She is getting wider and her udder is filling up.  I felt the baby(ies) move earlier in the week. We are less than 2 weeks from her estimated due date! And we have so much more to do before these kids are born!

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  1. Its fun when the whole family gets out and works together like that. And we have a dog that likes to "work" like yours :)

  2. How exciting! Love to see the whole family out working. That's what we love about our little homestead farm too. There's always something for EVERYONE--no matter how small! :)

  3. So much work, isn't it? But so rewarding. We've been enjoying the weather as well, working out in the farmyard, trying to get things ready. Such a treat to have all those farmhands to help!