Field Trip Friday: Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary


This week we took a drive over to the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary. It's 8 acres of land in North Asheville. Mostly wetlands and marshes. We didn't see the map of the sanctuary at first so we headed off down the trail the boys picked. It was a wooded trail that wound around beside the lake- but it wasn't the way to the boardwalk.

The first thing we noticed was this flower- it was everywhere. I brought some of our field guides with us- birds, butterflies, trees and weeds- but Rylan identified it as Jewelweed without having to look it up. There was another flower- 4 petals, white, vine- that was also all over the place. We haven't identified it, but Rylan took a bunch of pictures of different plants to id later. 

 What I realized on this trip is that my kids aren't patient enough for birdwatching! It's like fishing. If you don't catch something in 5 seconds then you are done. I tried to get them to sit and just watch a few times, but they are the on-the-go type. So we walked, collected seeds, moss and leaves.

We did see one bird (well, we saw more, but not close enough to take pictures or identify).  So our birding trip turned into more of a plant trip.  And we came home with acorns, an unidentified fruit of some sort, pine cones, etc.

 We did finally make it back to the parking lot, and the sign and map of the area. So we found our way to the boardwalk- which was really nice. The boys took a break to climb on this cool tree.  It was huge and it's branched were all over the place.

 I think if we had found the boardwalk first, and if we had come earlier than 10am, we might have had better luck on the birding part. But it was still a great trip! Maybe we will take an early morning trip in the fall and see what we see then.

Now it's your turn! Have you taken a fun, educational trip this week? Have you taken school on the road and let the experience do the teaching? Add you link below, and please link back here on your post to spread the word and allow others to link up as well!

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  1. The Sanctuary is going to be beautiful on a crisp, fall morning. Mine never sit still for bird watching either...or stay quiet enough.

  2. So fun! Than you for the invite. I have 2 things for you and places for you to link up:

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  3. Great hop!!! Mine trip is a trip of the imagination that you and your kids can take every home, in the car, in school (well hopefully with the teacher and not during other class time). Hope you enjoy my ideas!

    Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for linking this up to Homeschooling on the Cheap! I am featuring you at 2pm on my facebook page! U rock! Love all the field trip ideas.


  5. A field trip linky, what a fun idea! I certainly have a few of those from time to time :)

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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