Not-Back-to-School: Our School Room


Welcome to our school room! When we moved into this house I was a little worried about how I could get everything to fit in just the right place. The kitchen was large enough to eat in, but maybe not quite large enough for a family of 7. I stuffed our table in there anyway to make room for our playroom/school room in what I believe is technically the formal dining room.

While we don't do a ton of actual work in this room- the boys tend to spread out- this room is home to most of our supplies. I try and categorize the shelves a bit. The one pictured above holds most of our science and math type materials. The one below is our main 'school' shelf. It's got most of our supplies like paper, notebooks, art. It hold educational stuff like the moveable alphabet, Professor Noggin Games, Mad Libs, Handwriting Without Tears stuff, and toys on the bottom.

And any school room just wouldn't be ours if it didn't have something in common with a barn. Right now we have 2 brooder boxes with the hatchlings in them.

This shelf is home to some of the stuff for the younger set- puzzles, blocks, easy readers. The bins on the top belong to the boys. One for each, they put their current work, projects and papers in them. The cat also uses the top for a bed.

The book shelf. It holds a ton of books, mostly the kids' books- fiction and non- but also some of mine and Paul's. It also tends to hold unfinished projects and collections that have not yet found a home.

Tangible supplies are all in this room- but it's not the only learning space we have.  Chores take place all over the house and land. Lots of learning goes on outside. In the garden. With the animals.  Exploring, identifying, foraging.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen too. So I count that as a learning space. My older two boys spend a lot of time pouring over recipes and the mixer bowl. And Annika is almost always up on her bench helping to stir something.

I am actually looking to do a room redo at some point. I would like to make the room a little bit more inviting. But that is way down on the to-do list. Maybe by next year's School Room Week I will have whole new room to share.

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  1. Looks like a great place for learning to take place!

  2. Love that you repurposed your rooms to suit your family and not the room the builder made.

  3. I like your room, its very inviting! But I know what you mean about wanting to rearrange. I get the itch to change stuff about every 6 months. Makes my little boys crazy! Found you on the blog hop and can't wait to see all the farm adventures you have.

  4. Thank you for sharing!! Your school room is FUN!!

  5. I chose your blog to visit first on the hop because of the title. It seems we have a little in common. We have five boys (and my dh is also Paul). Our "school room" is the same shade of green and is really just the place we keep all of the books and supplies too. The boys tend to spread out all over the house.

    I'll have to stick around and check out your blog a bit. :)

  6. Such a neat space ~ even if it isn't all you hope it will be! Thanks for sharing (and I love the pic of your little kitchen worker)!

  7. I really like your light green walls! I'm a little tired of our yellow ones...:)

  8. Love your school room, our school room is nice with shelves, tables, etc. But cant wait until our new house is finished because then I will have a BIG school room with built in shelving and storage doors, so excited!

  9. This looks like such a great space to learn! Very nice job!

  10. Love the soft green walls and the way you have organized things in the various spaces.
    The brooder boxes sound neat too!
    Popped over from Sunrise Learning Lab to see your Week 2 - School Room Tour post that you linked up with the iHomeschool Network’s Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop.

    Have a wonderful homeschool year!